Create your own design and have it printed by Tootal Fabrics
Read about the various ways you can adapt or make your own design!
Author: Tootal

Did you know that we can print your (custom) designs for you? Many of our worldwide customers have successfully used this digital printing service in the recent years. 

However if you do not have the time, the design capacity, or if you would simply like to see what we can offer you, let us design your collection for you! We have our own design studio in Milan with professional designers, that know all the latest trends and can turn your ideas into creative digital prints, that are fully adapted to your wishes. So let us do the work, we are happy to take care of everything!


We have 3 easy options: 

1. Digital print tool

You can choose one of the many designs from our library of digital prints in our digital print tool! If you like what you see, then we can digitally print this design on our fabric! Click here to go to our digital print tool. 


2. Adapt digital print to your liking

Or you could adjust one of our existing designs to your own taste. Have you seen a print in our collection, but would you like it in a different colour, a bigger or smaller pattern? Let us know and our design team will create this for you.  


3. Let us design for you! 

If you don’t have the capacity or the knowledge to create your own designs, we are happy to help! With as much input as you have, we will create your own special collection. We can work with just an idea and turn it into a design or a collection. Our designers will work out your input to gorgeous designs, which we will send you, so you can choose your favourite design(s). 

So give us your mood board, your ideas, your colour palette or inspiration pictures. Our team of designers will create your own design or collection! As you can see below, our designers can adapt the colours, the background, patterns can be made bigger or smaller, anything is possible!



Our designers can turn anything into a design. They know all about the latest trends and are experts in translating your ideas into designs. To give you a glimpse into the process of our designers, see the a few moodboards below. Our designers make moodboards to give you an idea of what the design will look like. After all, a picture says more than a thousand words. 


Why digital print?

Fashion trends are changing ever-faster. Digital prints are becoming more attractive due to low minimum orders, fast response, quick supply and fashionable and adaptable designs. 

But, did you know that Tootal can also produce all these designs on a number of other fabrics and fabric qualities? You can order all our designs in different colour combinations or even your very own design; either on compact cotton or on one of the other fabrics listed below. The possibilities are endless. Under the composition you can see the article numbers. You can search for these articles in our collection tool, to see their weight and construction and make the choice on which fabric to print.


Did you know?

You can see and download our colour cards, so you can always have them at hand. But if you would like a better impression of the fabric, you can order a colour card or sample as well!

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