Worldwide logistics

Global logistics

Tootal Fabrics is all about design, quality and service. We are a highly competitive global supplier of modern shirt and blouse fabrics. Our ambition is to be the best performer in the market, working locally with our customers.

All of our fabrics are inspected in accordance with the highest quality standards in internationally accredited laboratories, by our local suppliers, and by us at Tootal. The fabrics are also inspected before loading in Asia as well as in our own facility upon arrival.


‘An easy ordering process and worldwide delivery to your preferred destination are guaranteed, that’s part of the Tootal philosophy.’


Strong logistics network

Instant access to our stock fabrics both on & offline is an even-more important issue for many of our worldwide customers. Tootal Fabrics has a strong logistics network, we carry over 10 million meters in stock and always have millions of meters in production and at sea.

As such, we are able to ensure quick despatch, no matter in which time zone our customers operate, Tootal can supply from our mill in Asia or from warehouse in The Netherlands to maximize speed to customers.

Our central warehouse is located in Enschede, the Netherlands. We keep over 10 million fabric meters in stock there, handling a large number of meters every week. The stock that we manage is divided into two types of collections: a so-called standard collection based on the principle of N.O.S. (Never Out of Stock) and seasonal collections.

In addition to our large central warehouse, we also have fast, modern sampling facilities. You can submit orders ( no minimum order quantity required) up to any large quantity needed. You can submit your sample orders whether these are sample yardage, books or colour cards via our webshop or simply email or call us, anytime.


Global ligistics


‘Nautical miles, air miles or regular road and rail miles, it’s all the same to us; we ship worldwide & take care of everything, right down to your desired doorstep!'


Up to date collections

Shirt and blouse manufacturers, wholesalers and designers buying fabrics from Tootal Fabrics (Holland) B.V. need to be able to see which fabrics we carry. That’s why our standard fabric collections and seasonal collections are always up to date and accessible via our online web shop, 24 hours a day. The webshop also contains our collection books and colour cards, which can be shipped immediately at our customer’s request.


Tootal Fabrics (Holland) B.V. is AEO-certified.

AEO certified